Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If God Loses, Satan Wins

Childish pastimes were always this in my eyes,
the lies he and she buys came to no surprise,
and I never sympathized with their ties to immature ogreism

because at one point they all do and one day if they're lucky they see and agree
there is an irony, life is not care-free, but a symphony of let-downs and devastation
handed down from one shmuck to another via debris we call words

 I may have a chip on my shoulder, but know that
I knew at 5 or 6 years old that life was no cartoon comic strip,
to carry a stiff upper lip and prepare for it one hardship at a time
and if you let one iota of optimism slip, your heart gets ripped out of your chest
with no courtesy warning, that's life. Get a grip.

I wish I knew what it felt like to wake without apprehension,
to not pay attention, or have retention of the consequences my actions
and to live in this alternative dimension and I wish this conversation
was not condescension, but I can't help my frustration.

Okay, stop. 

I don't necessarily believe what I am writing either,
 as a child this was my lifestyle which caused me, trail after trail, 
a sense of denial of who I am,
and what He wants me to be and I know this sounds hostile,
as I pile my projectile bile for miles and miles. 

Let me make it worthwhile:

This is why I am bitter. I see on facebook and on Twitter people doing stupid things.
Despite the heart's pitter patter of God's love asking to be let in,
They speak of parties and drunken states and injections and heartache, but behind the glitter,
I see nothing more than a unmistakably regretful, passively unproductive, quitter.

You don't have to play grown up everyday, but listen to what God will say,
I'm not saying all work and no play, that too is not the way, but
let Him mold you out of clay and let Him use you in a way
that Satan himself may not.Don't allow Satan to prey, 
but learn to obey and pray. 

Criticism is not what I am about, I guess what I mean is be like a child other ways.
The good ways,don't follow the social norm of your community. When life weighs you down you
have two options which will either praise or slay God's name, and throughout the craze in an endless maze
we must help the strays stay a blaze for the remaining of our Earthly days.