Friday, December 23, 2011

Apartment 13

In some ways, I miss the company given by apartment walls. I have grown up and moved out since a child, but when I visit my mom, I remember what I did not like about apartments and the one thing I do.

 To those who have never been given the priviledge to live in one, let me educate you in saying that each wall has a story:

the wall in my kitchen tells me of a woman and her two children
Dinner is in an hour, not a big snack!
Mom! Tell Nicole to give me my necklace! She TOOK my necklace!
she sometimes yells, and her sigh always precedes it as if helpless and exasperated
I never hear a male voice

One wall in the main bedroom plays television crime shows,
all day, all night.
emotionless, dull, aloof, solitude, sadness

My sister's bedroom wall is quiet during the day,
Role play and improvisation
laughter and bed squeaks
rehearsal at night
curtain call around 2

The bathroom walls conduct symphonies of flushes
and water faucets howl in the showers and sinks
the light switches click day in and day out like punch clocks

Anthropologically, it is fascinating
as a human, it's concerning
that life is the same for everyone,
 but how life treats you depends on what you make of it
And while that is a simple idea,
many have no knowledge of the concept.
even for me.
As a child, and now, I listen to the stories from the walls,
to see what I am missing in my life,
or how lucky I am to not be the people in the walls.