Saturday, May 28, 2011

No one could take that title away from her.
She's afraid, but that does not dissuade her.
She has the profound gift of in-depth vision.
She knows this world is much bigger than she is,
shadowing over her like a wave superiority,
but instead of fighting it,she accepts it and leaves the
world in a state of perplexity.
This makes her stronger.
Battle won.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Incidence Showed Consequence

When I'm sad, can't make me glad,
Not when all I've had is gone, you'll just make me mad.
Nothing can alleviate the porous pain I have.

Don't punish the young that resides in my eyes
with belittling words from the tongue swung
like dung, SMACK, to the wall.

self-value is low, although, the slow blow,
should be seen from a mile away like a crow's eye view 

With that known, I retreat alone,
secure on my personal throne, feelings unshown,
and the heart on my sleeve,OH so carefully sewn

I abhor, ripped off my clothing, no longer a part of me,
suited to battle this turmoil war, I still can't ignore,
still unsure, I let out a roar, to release the sore,
 from the crevices of  my disappointment.

Take rest and know, that he is not yours.

Someone else's someone. I have not been crossed.
I have not lost. Eyes glossed, this future future embossed,
there is a cost to loving, and being loved, and living.

Monday, May 2, 2011

How Quickly We're Entitled

How quickly we're entitled.
Justice will prevail.
Osama must die,
and don't you dare cry;
the bastard did not deserve jail.

How quickly we're entitled.
Jesus showed us love
somehow we can  hate,
and don't have to relate
or know what sin is made of.

How quickly we're entitled.
In no way are we the same.
With a bullet to the head,
Osama is dead,
and we can walk without shame.