Monday, September 26, 2011


When I'm old, I want laughing wrinkles
to form like the rings inside tree trunks,
collecting wisdom, and age over time,
but telling a story of the series of heart aches,
and trials and how they were washed away by joy,
of being loved by a loving being,
and the feeling of every problem being a mole hill.
They will leave their mark on my skin,
carved with the utmost care.
I want the world to see that my sadness never became a part of me,
but my smiles did.


I feel that we are no better than Judas.
How often do we practice betrayal?
We sell out Jesus for petty treasures
For friends, with school,
over-consumption of alcohol,
lies,ridicules,gossip, adultery,
through the movies we watch and music we listen to.
No matter how compassionate, and understanding He is,
We betray him,
And above all else, seal it with a kiss.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just My Luck

Two for one special.
Oh how special am I?
I feel heartless,
full of emotion but no where to put it.
How did this happen?
This has never happened to me before!
Oh God, You are so comical.


Give me a moment to stir up laughter.
Sorry I didn't laugh sooner,
I've just been drop kicked to Tim-Buck-Two
and pimp slapped with a two-by-four.
But hey, this is life, yes?

You told me what I needed to hear,
and I heard what I wanted to hear.
My fault, I get it.

So now what?
After all is said and done, I'm still cornered with limited options.
I'm scared.
I'm nervous.

Who do I go to for advice?
Because I am thought of as being strong,
and the strong are never weak,
and the weak can never help the strong,
so who do I turn to?
I am pathetic.