Friday, February 25, 2011


God, you have a plan I'm not seeing.
After all, I am only a human being.
Yeah but come on, is peeking "cheating"?

Why is my plan only for You to know?
Think about it, in what ways can I grow?
 How would I become a bible pro?

When it's put that way, how selfish!
I mean, for this to be my only wish!
Oh and this,and this, and this and this.

Oh wait, hold on God, this is concerning.
I see the lessons that I am self-learning.
How my patience You're routinely yearning.

 Even though you ask for it everyday,
there's always something I have to say
(which always ends up in my way).

Okay God, I get it, I won't throw a fit,
crossed arms, closed-mouth, and sit,
and take in every little,tiny bit.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alternative Mentality

What'cha gunna do now, Jack?
You're backed into a corner with limited options.
No smooth sailing when the wind has died.
You can't go coasting uphill.
You're done for.
A sure dead man.
Now what Nomad?
Your language traveled miles.
It was common to pick up and venture off,
even your mind was prone to nomadic tendencies,
but even with your eyes shut,
you find yourself at a dead end.
cut off.
with bridges burned,
and you're on the wrong side.

Monday, February 7, 2011

From Me to You... Always

To My Certain Someone,
I don't know you and I'm already yours. Entirely. Whole-heartedly. While others take part in Earthly liveliness, I withhold. Why? Because I don't want small samples of happiness. When I want something, I go through with it entirely. When our worlds meet, I want to make sure you know I had never given up. I've waited, and I'll always wait. Even when I get discouraged, it's just a moment of weakness. You make me weak, and I will have no trouble letting you know it.
I need to come clean though, World weighs me down and I spend most of my time trying to rise above it. I can hardly contain my excitement at the idea of companionship. Someone who can support me when I fall (standing alone is much harder). I want to laugh with you. I want to see the world. Let's dance, and turn our cheeks to the jests and mockery. I want to show you off. You make me so joyful. It tickles me pink that God made you just for me. World tells me that I'm missing out, but don't worry, I'll occupy my mind by believing you'll prove them wrong.You'll hold me in a confident embrace and  kiss my lips with the deepest love no one had ever spent the time to establish.
When you see me, you'll know. I'll be the girl who can't stop staring. Probably laughing my nervous, girlie laughter you can't help but think is adorable. I'll know you. You'll be the one with the calmest of eyes, soft smile, and the most precious heart that instantly will warm mine.
Oh, isn't this beautiful? We are the lucky ones.
I love you,
Your Certain Someone

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Purposeful Living

Is it strange for a young woman to be content with just...being?
The spirit works best in silent contemplation.
Settled souls do not wish to be stirred.
Emotions spiraling into a downhill velocity
does not aid in the act of listening.
Chaos only hinders progress,
and distracts me from the path.
My mind is tick-tocking.
Is it possible I'm missing out?
No, the spirit works best when calm.
Nothing should flip my heart inside out,
or alter my strength in judgement.
Love should always come in its purest form.
Wisdom is shared through soft whispers in the wind,
and subtle tugs of the spirit.